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Published: Wed May 26 2021

The Brooklyn Creamery has made massive impact on the regional ice cream sector, after launching its innovative, disruptive products on the UAE just over a year ago. The New York-inspired ice cream brand is now adding high protein ice cream cups to its growing range.

The latest addition to its innovative dessert treat range is lower fat, lower calorie and higher protein than similar premium dessert offerings.

In two flavours, salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut, the ice cream comes in 200ml cups, with both flavours packing a protein punch. Chocolate hazelnut delivers 10gms of protein per cup, while salted caramel serves up 11gms per cup. And that's not all. These halal-friendly serving size treats have no added sugar, no artificial colours and are low calorie, too - without compromising on flavour.

A serving of chocolate hazelnut protein ice cream is 163 calories, while the salted caramel variety is just 152 calories. Compare this to the average chocolate bar which has around 250-350 calories, and high fat content, too.

Available via Deliveroo and The Brooklyn Creamery website for online delivery across the UAE, this high protein ice will make your taste buds sing, while helping keep your health goals in check.

In 2020, The Brooklyn Creamery began its journey into bold, innovative healthy desserts, with the launch of a low calorie ice cream range. This was followed by a vegan range, a world-first mood-boosting range, and more recently, chocolate coated vegan ice cream sticks.

Driven by food engineer and ice cream artisan Vasco Valenca de Sousa, the ever-growing range continues to drive innovative and fuel greater interest in everyone's favourite dessert.

He says: "Since launch, we have innovated repeatedly. Our ice creams deliver a full-on flavour experience, without the nasties, without the guilt and even without being too heavy on the bank balance. Our ice creams, created using premium ingredients are the perfect treat for anyone who is health conscious or calorie counting.

"The latest addition, protein cups, are perfect for those looking for greater nutrition. A protein boost after a workout is always a great idea - so you can expect to see gym-goers tucking into our new protein cups. Protein helps build and repair muscle, and is also important in providing energy to our bodies - so these tasty treats are also of benefit to everyone!"

Soon to be available in the freezer aisles of all good UAE stores and cafes, The Brooklyn Creamery range is currently only available exclusively via pandemic-aware Deliveroo home delivery.

de Sousa adds: "We are proud to offer this revolutionary high protein ice cream to the UAE. People are becoming far more health conscious today, and we deliver treats that are better for you, while satisfying that desire for a sweet treat we all have from time to time."

The new 200ml Protein Pots are available for just AED15.

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